EARN YOUR CARBS BUNDLE  PACK (Carb Cycling + Keto Cycling)

EARN YOUR CARBS BUNDLE PACK (Carb Cycling + Keto Cycling)

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(This Earn Your Carbs Lifestyle Bundle Pack includes both my Carb Cycling and Keto Cycling guides).
The next 30-day community challenge will start April 19t h!


What is Carb Cycling? 

Simply put, 'Carb Cycling' is when your meal plan strategically alternates high-carb and low-carb days. This style of eating is the foundation of my personal nutrition habits. There are many variations of this type of diet, but through years and years of research and trial and error, I've found a routine that seems to work best across the board, for both men & women. 

This is the protocol I teach in my original Carb Cycling Lifestyle guide.

This program is perfect for beginners, people who don't have much carb cycling experience, or those of you who want to be able to eat more carbs on the day-to-day.

This program has its own private Facebook group for accountability and support, as well as an automated welcome email with a video message from me to help you get started on the right track! 

This program teaches 3 different carb cycling macro formulas:

1. Fat Loss

2. Maintenance

3. Muscle Gain


What is Keto Cycling? 

Keto Cycling is like a more advanced version of carb cycling. Rather than having "low carb" and "high carb" days, you'll have "keto" and "refeed" days. What we do is get a little more precise with exactly what and when we eat our carbs throughout the day. However, once you get the hang of it, this program is simpler, easier to follow and even more effective than traditional carb cycling. 

Keto Cycling perfect for anyone who has completed my original Carb Cycling program and wants to take their results to the next level, anyone who has tried a traditional keto diet in the past but wants to maximize their performance, and/or ANYONE who just wants to shred some fat, really fast... 

This program also has its own private Facebook group for accountability and support. During the 30 day challenge, I'll be going LIVE in this group once every week to answer questions and give helpful tips and guidance. You'll also have unlimited access to me via email during the challenge for any questions.

This program teaches 2 different keto-cycling macro formulas:

1. Fat Loss (primary)

2. Maintenance


If you're new to carb cycling or macro counting in general, I highly recommend starting with my Carb Cycling Lifestyle program and then graduating to my Keto Cycling Lifestyle program. Since most people end up buying both, I decided to put these into a bundle pack so that you could save some cash.



My Carb Cycling Lifestyle Guide

My Keto Cycling Lifestyle Guide

Entry into the next Earn Your Carbs  30 Day Challenge 

✅ PRIVATE FACEBOOK SUPPORT GROUP ACCESS: You'll get access to both Private Facebook Groups for support (access for LIFE!). I'll be doing weekly LIVE Q&A's within the groups (during the 30 day challenge only). You'll also be able to ask questions here and connect with others who are also doing the program. 

 One Month Subscription to Chalk Online! UNLIMITED ACCESS to 5 new workouts every single day - BodyWork, Full Body Aesthetics, Strength & Conditioning, Sweat and The Daily D. ($20 value) 

 Chance to WIN CA$H PRIZES!! I'll be handing out $1000 cash to each of the top 3 winners for the designated 30 day challenges.

*NEW* Free Dude Meals Recipe Guide

✅  Free Paleo Recipe Guide

✅ Immediate welcome email with an FAQ video message from me covering both protocols

✅ Have my help and guidance

✅ Learn my personal 'earn your carbs' methodology in a way that is specific for your own body, activity level, training, and goals. 

 HAVE UNLIMITED SUPPORT FROM ME: unlimited email support directly with me to make sure every question you have is answered. ($500 value)

✅ ALL NEW, Exclusive macro calculator for BOTH guides, to help make sure your numbers are perfect. 

 Learn how to scale this nutritional approach as your body & goals change to create easy, sustainable results.

 Learn exactly what to eat & when to eat it to maximize your results in the gym (and the mirror) 

✅ *BONUS: Paleo Recipe Book with Macro Calculations

Custom Macro Calculator, Food List, Portion Guidelines & Daily Meal Plan Examples are in both guides




The next guided 30-Day Challenge Starts March 15th. If you don't want to join the specific group challenge, no problem - you may purchase this guide any time, join the Facebook group & get started on your carb cycling lifestyle transformation!! 

  • Upon purchase, you will receive and be able to download a PDF version of the guide right away, which includes challenge instructions and FAQ's. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING!! You will also receive a welcome email with an FAQ video message from me, along with links to your free recipe books, the Facebook group, instructions to access Chalk Online and the macro calculator.
  • The private Facebook Groups are open, you may join any time after purchasing. We will try to pre-approve member requests daily - You may need to wait a day or two for approval as we have to double check every single request against our customer base. 
  • Be sure to choose 'subscribe to newsletter' at checkout and add info@crossfitchalk.com to your email 'safe' list (or as a contact) so you don't miss any important emails (Check your junk box, too!).**


*Keep in mind, these two programs will come together as PDFs in a .zip file. I recommend you open it up for the first time on a computer instead of a mobile device.*