KETO CYCLING GUIDE (Earn Your Carbs challenge)

KETO CYCLING GUIDE (Earn Your Carbs challenge)

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This digital guide is your ticket in.

This keto-cycling program is NOT the same as my original Carb Cycling program. This is a next-level program that is going to specifically teach you my signature "Earn Your Carbs" Lifestyle. The macros are different, the meal timing is different... The overall protocol is different, more advanced, and flat-out more effective.


What’s Keto Cycling?

Keto Cycling is like a more advanced version of carb cycling. Rather than having "low carb" and "high carb" days, you'll have "keto" and "refeed" days. What we do is get a little more precise with exactly what and when we eat our carbs throughout the day. Once you get the hang of it, this program is simpler, easier to follow and even more effective than traditional carb cycling. 

There’s a million different ways to eat to get great results, but I’ve always been the type of guy to try and simplify it as much as possible, which is what I'm going to teach you in this challenge.


This program teaches 2 different keto-cycling macro formulas:

1. Fat Loss (primary)

2. Maintenance



  • Entry into the 30-day Earn Your Carbs community (Next challenge Starts August 3rd)
  • Keto-Cycling Guide - 48 page guide with everything you need to know about how & why keto-cycling works + my unique formula
  • 2 Different Keto Cycling Formulas: fat loss and maintenance
  • Paleo Recipe Book
  • 30 Days Free access to Chalk Online: 5 new workouts posted daily (BodyWork, Full Body Aesthetics, CrossFit, SWEAT! and The Daily D)
  • BONUS: 30 Day Workout eBook of Your Choice (Choose any of my 30-Day training programs; just add it to your cart now and it will be discounted for you automatically at checkout when purchased on the same order as this challenge guide)
  • UNLIMITED EMAIL SUPPORT: Access to my and my team via email at any time during the 30 day challenge


  • Supplement Recommendations

  • Macro Cheat Sheet & Recommended Grocery List

  • Sample Meal Plan

  • ALL NEW (exclusive) Macro Calculator
  • Ca$h Prize$ for the Winners! (I'll choose 3 winners who will each receive $1000 cash)

carb cycling


  • The next Earn Your Carbs challenge starts Monday, August 3rd!  If you don't want to join the challenge, no problem - you may purchase this guide any time, join the Facebook group & get started on your carb cycling lifestyle transformation!! 
  • Immediately upon purchase, you will receive your challenge guide as a PDF download, along with a welcome email from me with an FAQ video, challenge instructions, your free paleo recipe book, and a link to the private Facebook group
  • The private Facebook Group is open, you may join any time after purchasing. We will try to pre-approve member requests daily - You may need to wait a day or two for approval as we have to double check every single request against our customer base. 
  • Getting Your Free eBook: each keto cycling guide purchase gets one free 30-day training ebook to go along with it. You must add it to your cart now, along with this guide, and it will be automatically discounted to $0 at checkout.
  • Whether you're doing this as part of a challenge group, or on your own, you'll receive the welcome email and challenge info. If you don't want to be part of the challenge then no worries just ignore that. Everything you need to succeed is included whether to take part of the challenge group or not. 


keto cycling




keto cycle
**Please note, this program is non-refundable, due to the nature of it being a digital product with significant value and the inability to actually 'return' a physical product. If you decide not to do the challenge after purchasing, the program is still yours to use and learn from. 

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