Carb Cycling

What is Carb Cycling?

Simply put, 'Carb Cycling' is when your meal plan strategically alternates high-carb and low-carb days. This style of eating is the foundation of my personal nutrition habits. There are many variations of this type of diet, but through years and years of research and trial and error, I've found a routine that seems to work best across the board, for both men & women. 

We’re often told that carbs are 'bad.' Like anything, there are certain scenarios where this is true and others where this is false.

Regardless, carbs are a powerful tool that can and should be used in a strategic way in order to help you achieve the physical result you want, whether that is losing body fat, or gaining muscle (or both!).


how does carb cycling work 


There's a lot of science behind how carb cycling works.. But in short, high carb days are used to temporarily spike your insulin, primarily to refill your glycogen stores & rev up your metabolism, facilitating muscle growth & repair.

On low carb days, you're keeping insulin nice and low to allow your body to tap into its fat stores for energy. You still get some carbs on these days, and they should be strategically placed throughout the day to maximize muscle and energy balance (I'll show you exactly how to do this properly).

Carb cycling also helps optimize leptin levels in your body. Leptin is a hormone that helps regulate your appetite, as well as body fat storage.  More Leptin = faster metabolism.


Carb cycling is an easy and effective way to support healthy hormone levels, the key to creating a lean & strong body!  Alternating high and low carb days helps keep your leptin elevated & insulin sensitivity high, creating an ideal environment for body composition improvement!


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What's Different About My Carb Cycling Lifestyle Plan?

There are many variations of this type of diet, but through years & years of research, trial & error, & personal use. I've found a routine that seems to work best across the board, for both men & women. 


There's a science behind my specific macro formula that I'll teach you to customize based on your unique body, fitness level & goals!

No generic templates, No B.S. - this program is just real science & knowledge that I’ve been personally using for years that will teach you life-long skills. 

Here's What You'll Get When You Purchase my Carb Cycling Lifestyle Guide:

 All New Comprehensive Guide: Learn how to create your own macros based around carb cycling & the nutrition practices that I use in my everyday diet.

Learn how to make this style of eating work for you & your specific goals (guy or girl, weight loss or weight gain).

 Learn how to scale the program as your body & goals change.

 Learn how to create sustainable, long-lasting results.

 Learn what to eat & when to eat it to maximize your results in the gym (and the mirror) 

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I've created all of my programs to be like this quote: 

“You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.”


These are my personal nutrition practices, I've been studying this long and hard and have the results to prove it, from both a physique and performance perspective. This is a challenge program that you can do at any time! You'll always have access to me via email and inside the private Facebook community group for support.

Don't just take my word for it, take a look at what people are saying about this program & the results they've been able to achieve!



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"Hey man, I can't tell you how happy I was I decided to enter your contest. This contest changed my life in so many ways. I ramped up my training and I started cooking again. I also just started following your HIIB and love it. I incorporated it with my CrossFit training.
At age 44 and 1/5yr after chemo (I had cancer June 2017), I am in the best shape of my life and don't plan on stopping any time soon!"
~ Sal G.
"I dropped from 189 to 174. Appreciate your book. It's changed the way I view food and it's given me a better perspective on nutrition in general. I live and work in India with my family and traveled for 9 days out of the month. It's difficult to eat out with the Indian diet, lots of carbs, over cooked vegetables, not a lot of meat... But I was able to stick to it. The first day, I dreamed about numbers all night... you know the feeling before a math test. lol. 
I started using Chalk Online this year and then HIIB, don't know what I'd do without it! Anyways, I'mg going to start bulking this month using your guide. Thank you so much for putting this together. Keep doing this, you're changing lives!"
"Thanks again for this challenge, it has really been the best nutrition protocol I have followed and I have tried them all so I can help my own clients, athletes and students. Overall, I started this challenge at 196lb and ended it at 185lb. I lost many inches and strength stayed the say with some slight increases! I never felt hungry and my energy levels were consistent al day. This is the best I have felt and will continue to utilize this for myself for a long time! I have also decided to sign up for Chalk Online. I have loved the eBooks and have seen the workouts you've posted and they look incredible! So, I just wanted to thank you and I look forward to what the future holds. Thank you again!
~ Kyle
"Hi Ryan, I've done paleo, Keto, zone.. you name it. I've never done carb cycling and always want to, I can say now that this is by far my favorite way of eating. There's still so much improvement that I'll make, but I just wanted to thank you for using your voice to educate all of us. You're one of the few people I look forward to see what you position Instagram every day.
I've been following you long before Chalk (way before Dave Castro was an A** hole to you) and I can honestly say that it makes me so happy to see you kicking a** in life, you deserve it! Thank you!"
~ Daniella A.
"Hey Ryan, first off - thanks for sharing this carb cycle, it definitely changed the way I plan on dieting moving forward. Also, I've been using your program for about 6 months now and I feel in the best shape of my life! Mixed in with this carb cycle, I started hitting PR's in both your program as well as my oly program weekly."
~ Ricky F.
"Lost 8 lbs and feeling great! Going to keep going with this. Thanks for all the info and help!"
~ Dana B.



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