In 2014 I opened one of the worlds most premier functional fitness facilities called, “CHALK” in Orange County, California. Myself and the gym were published in almost every major fitness magazine and people began visiting us from all over the world. 
There was a point where we were getting thousands of phone calls and messages asking us what were doing in to the gym and it became very apparent to me that I needed a way to let people join in on what we were doing. And in 2018 the online training app was born. We are now considered a functional fitness “MECCA” and have thousands of online members who do the very same workouts you will be doing on the app. 
While there are several programs to choose from depending on your goals and equipment availability, I pride myself on making some of the most fun and diverse workouts you will ever do. People always judge a program based off of results, but you can’t get results if you aren’t having fun! My programs always look fun on paper but also always produces movie star-like bodies. Something that makes you feel like a badass, in and outside of the gym. And something that no matter how long you follow it, you’re always excited for tomorrow. 
⁣⁣It’s a tremendous responsibility that I have writing these workouts. ⁣⁣YOUR body is a reflection of my work. ⁣⁣I take it personally every time I write a week of programming. ⁣⁣And that is why, the CHALK program is one of the biggest online programs and functional fitness brands in the world.⁣⁣



online daily workouts
  My training app is one of the easiest apps you will ever use! All you have to do is click on the program you want to follow and click on the date. 
Want to start a week behind? A month behind? A year behind? Not, a problem! Just change the date to whatever start point you like and go from there. There is currently 6 years worth of workouts on the Strength & Conditioning and Sweat program, 1.5 years worth on the Daily D program, 4 months on the new bodyweight only program, and 3 months on the new full body aesthetics program.
The Chalk Online program provides something for everyone.
Whether you have gym access or workout at home; whether you're trying to cut or build; no matter your gender, age, experience level or goals, if you follow the Chalk Online program, you'll be on your way to the best shape of your life. 
Chalk Online workouts are programmed once per week, allowing access to 4 brand new workouts to choose from every single day.


dumbbell workout
Our newest program for people with limited equipment. This program is challenging AND only requires a set of dumbbells and a jump rope each day. If you're a mom or dad, have limited time, or travel a lot, then this is the program for you! Each workout is typically 20-30 minutes in length, which is only about 1% of your day. No more excuses!
AKA: the "Quarantine Program." ZERO Equipment Required! 
BodyWork is our newest addition to Chalk Online. 
These workouts are absolutely nothing like the other bodyweight workouts swarming the internet right now. These are fun, LEGIT workouts to get it in and get it done for the day without needing access to anything but your own body and self discipline! 


5 days per week full body routine that emphasizes muscle gains with a more traditional bodybuilding approach. This is how I’ve personally been working out for the past few months and I love it! ** Until quarantine is over, this program will only required 1-2 sets of Dumbbells, a Pull-Up Bar and a Resistance Band.

Our Strength & Conditioning programming is challenging, known for being some of the toughest and well thought out programming around. Every day will be much different than the day before and will include lots of strength and accessory work.
This program is always about 40 minutes in length, includes lots of conditioning, lighter weights, core work, and an emphasis on getting leaner and toned versus stronger.






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