The number 1 question I get everywhere I go is, "Ryan, What Do You Eat?!?!" Nutrition is complicated enough. Let me teach you the one simple rule I follow when it comes nutrition: EARN YOUR CARBS!!
This program teaches an advanced protocol from my original Carb Cycling program. It follows a very unique and specific keto-cycling formula that teaches you my signature "Earn Your Carbs" lifestyle. This is EXACTLY how I personally eat and how I've been eating for years to get the physique I have and maintain it easily. -
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So, What Does It Mean To "Earn Your Carbs?"

Earning your carbs means you are going to strategically pre-plan your protein, carb and fat intake according to your daily activity. It involves a carb cycling strategy, but it's not the same as simply 'carb cycling' ... what we do is get a little more precise with exactly what and when we eat our carbs throughout the day.  

 So how do you truly maximize your anabolic window & keep carbs in your diet while maintaining muscle mass, improving metabolism & accelerating fat loss? 


This Keto-Cycling Earn Your Carbs 30 Day challenge IS NOT the same as my original Carb Cycling Challenge. It is a 'next-level' program - an adapted cyclical-ketogenic protocol that is unique & specific. It is essentially a graduated carb cycling program, the 'Father of Carb Cycling' - bigger, badder, EASIER and even MORE EFFECTIVE. fat loss

Here's what you'll get by joining: 

 My BRAND NEW "Keto-Cycling Lifestyle" eBook.

ALL NEW challenge preparation guide, to get you started off on the right foot.

ALL NEW macro calculator, to help make sure your numbers are perfect. 

Learn my personal 'earn your carbs' methodology in a way that is specific for your own body, activity level, training, and goals. 

 Learn how to scale this nutritional approach as your body & goals change to create easy, sustainable results.

 Learn exactly what to eat & when to eat it to maximize your results in the gym (and the mirror) 

 HAVE UNLIMITED SUPPORT FROM ME: unlimited email support directly with me to make sure every question you have is answered. ($500 value) 

 ✅ PRIVATE FACEBOOK SUPPORT GROUP: I'll be hosting an all-new Private Facebook Group for support (access for LIFE!). 

✅ WEEKLY LIVE Q&A's: I'll be doing weekly LIVE Q&A's within the private Facebook group, you'll also be able to ask questions here and connect with others who are also doing the program. I'll send these recordings out to every via email afterwards as well. 

 WORKOUTS: One Month Subscription to Chalk Online! UNLIMITED ACCESS to 3 new workouts every single day - CrossFit, Sweat and The Daily D. ($20 value) 

 BONUS: 30 Day Training eBook!! ($30 Value) When you sign up for the 30 day challenge by purchasing your Keto-Cycling Lifesylte Guide, you get to pick any one of my 30 day training eBooks completely (Just click here to pick the one you want, add it to your cart, and it will be automatically discounted 100% for you at checkout when you purchase it on the same order as the Keto Cycling Challenge Guide. **Note, this does NOT include the 9 Weeks of CrossFit, SWEAT! or Dark Horse Training programs).

 CA$H PRIZES!! I'll be handing out $1000 cash to each of the top 3 winners.


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 My Earn Your Carbs Keto-Cycling method will end dieting frustration once & for all, & will finally give you the fast, simple & sustainable results you've been looking for.

The results definitely speak for themselves:

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They accomplished these incredible results in JUST 30 DAYS!! 

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It's Your Turn! 

We just started, but you can still join us if you hurry up and download your guide!
We will be following my Keto-Cycling guide for the challenge. 


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No experience with carb cycling, keto cycling or macro counting in general?

I recommend starting with my Carb Cycling Lifestyle guide. Buy both together & save even more (You'll automatically be pre-registered to join the challenge on January 6th). That means you can get the hang of things with Carb Cycling through December, it's super easy to follow through the holidays, and then start the new year off right with the 30 Day Keto Cycling Challenge! 


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