High Intensity Interval Body Building

What is High Intensity Interval Bodybuilding?

HIIB is my signature training style. I originally started training this way to get around and recover from my injuries. When creating my workouts and programs, I dug deep into some old journals of some of the greatest strength coaches of our time. I mixed it up and made it my own by adding in some sexy bodybuilding movements, intense cardio, and the biggest bang for your buck accessory exercises... And HIIB (High intensity interval bodybuilding) was born.interval weight training

Although I do own a 'CrossFit' gym, I assure you my gym programming and training guides are like no other. I am not doing high rep snatches, cleans, box jumps, or any other high impact movements. Also, I do not incorporate many of the time domains and structure that CrossFit does. Anyone who has done my programming immediately notices the difference between traditional 'CrossFit' and my HIIB style. 

If you're ready to start seeing huge strength increases, muscle growth and fat loss ALL AT THE SAME TIME (yes, this IS possible!), then you might want to consider trying HIIB - I have 3 30-day eBook programs available (Vol 1, Vol 2 and HIIB 100), as well as a dumbbells-only eBook, a kettlebell training eBook and an online training community structured around this style. 

Check out my YouTube video below, where I go into a little more detail about it all: