Ryan Fischer Performance Training

8 Week "Dark Horse" Training PLAN


Win The Battle With Fatigue!!

What’s in the program? In short… the best of both worlds combined into 8 weeks of comprehensive training. A seasoned elite CrossFit athlete (Ryan Fischer) with 15 years of high level competition who shares his knowledge in CrossFit style programming and an expert (Richard Diaz) in writing cardiovascular treatments that are scientifically sound and evidence based. This is a very unique meld of cardio treatments fashioned and prescribed to take the user to a greater level of fitness and fatigue resistance.

At the end of the day… Fatigue is the true enemy in CrossFit competition and training.  Coach Diaz has over 25 years of clinical experience assessing fitness and prescribing heart rate specific training programs that have brought him to global notoriety.  What you are about to experience is an awakening to your energy pathways and a means to stave off debilitating lactate toxicity that is the root of failure in all training and competitions.

What makes this program so unique?  The difference is in the depth of understanding how to manipulate lactate production.  Knowing how to negotiate through the sea of lactate that results from high intensity efforts in such a way that the result is a high degree of adaptation.  Most other athletes approach to solve this problem is akin to an albino in the sun, too much exposure and they fry!  This program carefully guides you along, turning what was potentially your enemy into your ally.

**Pair it with the 1 hour Dark Horse instructional video and get this program for just $10!**

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